Maintenance High Voltage Network  : Engineering-mv

Retrofit relays

RETROFIT your old equipment

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MAINTENANCE in the range of services (annual or triennial) specific operations will be done with apportuses of injection.

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Installation commissioning

We provide installation and commissioning of your equipment for a range of mounting high voltage ranging from 12 to 36 kV with currents up to 3150A.

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Engineering mv can help you for the realisation of all your projects

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Our expertise in industrial world


- Maintenance of high voltage networks.

Our responsiveness ensures our customers the best us of their electrical installations. Engineering MV‘s Team is composed of experts from Schneider and ABB. Our expertise range varies from the Hight Voltage to low voltage passing through the protection of networks, looking for cause of electrical failure, disturbance analysis and modification of control order.

-Abdeljalil TOUIL / Responsable technique

Our product range