Retrofit relays

RETROFIT your old equipment

MICOM p925 Microener IM30In all our operations, substitution or additional material , we will perform the following tasks :






Replacement operation :

– Pre-visit of survey of coastline,
– Delivery of detailed technical quotation,
– Preparation for construction site,
– Removing and securing of the installation,
– Adjustment of a new mechanical relay,
– Wiring adjustment of your operating process,
– Test the trigger at different thresholds by injections of current and voltage,
– Delivery of an extract of your custom test,
– Delivery of the minutes of receiving,
– Follow up through time. 



We offer different levels of service :

– Technical Support (emergency travel 24h/24h and 7d/7d),
– Phone Support only,
– Our engineers can provide support for a program exchange by email or telephone.



Some examples :

– SEPAM 2000 replaced by a SEPAM S48 E32 with addition of a AMI central ( re-designed cabinet door)





– GEC ALSTOM replaced by a REF610 (ABB)