MAINTENANCE in the range of services (annual or triennial) specific operations will be done with apportuses of injection.

Tableau HTA CGMcosmo ORMAZABALWe offer a high level of maintenance your equipment.






 What we offer :

– Measurments of times of the openings and closings circuit breaker using a TM1600 or EGIL.
– Measurments of resistance of the poles using microhmmètre.
– Test of the auxiliary contacts (position breaker, position of the eathing switch).
– Test of the differents coils (closing opening undervoltage) change if need.
– Greasing the mechanicals parts.
– Measure of the current of the motor during the charging spring.
– Checking and greasing the earthing switch.
– Security check (electrical and mechanical interlocks).
– Greasing the power parts of the breaker.
– Dielectric test of the busbar.
– Test of the protection relays (injection of current and voltage).
– Test of the vacuum parts of the breakers or contactors.
– Test or transformer : Ratio, Megohmètre, Di-éléctrique, DGPT2, DMCR…