Installation commissioning

We provide installation and commissioning of your equipment for a range of mounting high voltage ranging from 12 to 36 kV with currents up to 3150A.

poste-transformation-hta-btWe specialize in assembling tables HTA multi brands

We work with equipment type  : Schneider  (SM6, Fluokit, MC Set…), ABB (Uniswitch, UniGear, Unisec, Unimix, Safeplus… ), Siemens (Simosec, NXplus…), Ormazabal  (CgmCosmos)




 What we offer :

– Preparation of Civil Engineering
– Installation at ground level
– Fix Couplers cells MT
– Connecting the power busbar
– Connecting the control center
– Manufacture heads HV (Aluminium and Copper)
– Connection of power cables
– Tests low and high voltage
– Testing injection if existing protection relays (see reports 1, 2)
– Connection of earthing
– Assistance to the tests
– Commissioning
– Track your equipment over time


We offer different levels of service :

– Emergency Troubleshooting
– We support 24h/24h and 7d/7d